Adelaide Hills Motorcycle Club



 The AHMC is a family based club ,  that prioritises in trail and endurance based riding.   A keen interest is placed in bbq's and good not so clean fun.   We welcome riders of any age and skill and encourage people to bring out motorcycles of any age and era,  not just the latest two wheeled weapons. 


Currently we lease an 80 acre property near Tungkillo in the Adelaide hills.  The main track is a 5km enduro course with a 2km inner loop.  There is also a half a km track  for the junior riders.  All of the tracks are of the natural terrain type suitable for bikes and riders of all ages.

Note! The tracks are not motocross tracks.



All riders must hold a current recreational licence at least.  They are available directly from M.S.A at a cost of $100.00 Each licence is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.  To apply contact M.S.A by phone 08 8332 9000, or on the website

The club is now able to process annual recreational licences




                                  MEMBERSHIP AND RIDE DAY FEES:   2014




            FAMILY OR SINGLE :             $45.00 pa



            ADULT :                            $25.00

            CHILD: (16 yrs or under)    $15.00



           ADULT:                            $30.00

          CHILD:( 16yrs or under)     $20.00



         ADULT:                              $25.00

         CHILD:                               $25.00



-: Limited to 60 memberships which must be kept current.

-:  Each member is allowed 1 guest per ride day ( 1 ride day per guest)

-: Non-riding memberships available



Our meetings are at the Totness  Hotel, Melrose St, Mt. Pleasant.  They are on the first Wednesday of every month from April until November.  They start at 7.30 pm.  The AGM is held during the August meeting each year.


Officials who are rostered on ride days must arrive early.  If this is not possible you must arrange a substitute.  In the event that this does not happen, non rostered officials present are expected to perform the duties of the absent official.  All officials are expected to make known their availability for duty on our known calander dates by contacting the event secretary, phone 08 8568 1920



While the minimal safe clothing requirements for recreational riders is less stringent than competition based riders, common sense rules will apply.  A helmet and gloves are compulsory.  Footwear should be at least ankle height and of a tough construction.  Note! absolutley no sand shoes.

For very young riders Gum-boots are acceptable.  Pants should be full length and of tough material.  Shirts should also be full length and eye protection is recommended.  Body armour is not compulsory but faster riders are advised to use it.



Apart from abiding by the AHMC rules, members are expected to not only become involved in the maintanence of their track and facilities but also take part in the decisions effecting their club.  The best way to do this is by attending club meetings regularly.  It is at these meetings that all issues concerning their club are raised, discussed and acted upon.  Without high attendance levels, issues cannot be dealt with effectively.  Note! Low attendance simply equals poor facilities, a poor track, an ineffective committee and eventually no AHMC.  

By taking part in the above members cannot fail to be aware of the problems faced in the running of the club.  At the top of that list is the constant shortage of level 2 officials.  The reason being that without a level 2 official on duty, no riding can take place at our ride days.  To prevent this occuring we strongly suggest all adult members to become level 2 officials as soon as possible after joining.  To do this you must contact M.S.A directly (phone 8332 9000) and make a booking at their next availabe course.  It takes only a little of your time and no costs are incurred.

While the shortage of officials is no 1 on our list of problems, the filling of committe positions follows closely behind.  Usually only 75% of positions are occupied with most of the present committee members having to take on dual roles to fill the remaining positions.  It may also seem that members positions within the committe are set in concrete, but this is never the case.  Often members currently holding those positions are only too willing to vacate it for other members eager to have a go, though it must be noted that all positions require a high degree of commitment from those that hold them.  All members are invited to take on committee positions when they are vacated and take part in the administration of the AHMC.  Past experience has shown that if all members fullfill their obligations the clubs workload is shared evenly, the enjoyment for all is greatly increased and the future of the club will be assured.  We trust that all members appreciate the need to address the issues outlined in the above and look forward to  your help in dealing with them.






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