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Meeting to be held 1st Wednesday of the Month

Battle of Bothwick 2017

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It was a great weekend, with a good turn out of riders & spectators. The track was good, although a little boggy in places! There were plenty of helpers which shared the jobs & made it a fun weekend for all. Thanks to all involved.  Check out the photos  I have posted up! Cheers Alison

2017 Pony Express

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G’day members, I thought it was time to start doing the club newsletter once again to kick start the club participation. As we come into the winter part of the season, generally we get a bit busier as members drag out the dirt bikes and don the well-worn dirtbike clothing, and go out and once again try to master the art of riding the bucking, growling monster. And you know what members, that is what it is all about! Get your dirt bike dirty! As the sidecar racers say, “eat dust or let it rust”. We all have a significant investment into our motorcycles so it only makes sense to use them. Stop making excuses and get out and ride the beast!

Next ride day Sunday 25th June at Borthwicks. Come along and get dirty! Starts at 8.00am and we go to after lunch. ( unless someone wants to put there hand up to be the official for the rest of the day!). We have done quite a bit of work on the track and if we get a bit more rain it will be perfect.

Upcoming Events 24 Hour Trial On Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th July we do our annual running of a checkpoint for the 24 Hour Trial organization. It is a major event on the motorcycling calendar in South Australia and we have been running a checkpoint for over 20 years. It is a big thing for our club and it does take a significant amount of preparation and work in setting up the site and running the control for 24 hours straight. This year we are going to be challenged a bit more because we will have to do the event without four of our usual, skilled club members. Matt, Slim, Alison and Sean all have other family events that make it not possible for them to attend. Believe me that makes a big hole we need to fill! I really hope some of you put your hand up to cover for them. It is a great event and we have a lot of fun. Our checkpoint is an IN GATE about 7Km from Dutton. The first bike is due in at our checkpoint at 11.52 am Saturday morning, and the last bike will go through at about 8.30am Sunday morning. More info will be posted in the next newsletter after the next committee meeting in a week or so. Directions to the checkpoint are:- Take the Truro to Eudunda Rd – Turn left at Dutton onto St Kitts Rd – Turn Right onto Noack Rd – Turn Right onto Tableland Rd – Travel about 4Km and we will be set up on the Right hand side of the road.

Recent events On Saturday and Sunday 17th and 18th June we did a ride from Mt Pleasant to Hattah in Victoria via two wheel tracks, single tracks, dirt roads and 4-wheel drive tracks. It was 350Km each way and organized by Greg Noel. We rode for 8 hours each day through freezing cold, fog, and clear skies. Greg, Chesso, Andy, Benny and myself rode our trusty steeds and Haydo drove our trusty 4WD support vehicle (just in case). It was a brilliant exercise with some easy sections and a lot of challenging tricky sections to! Greg won the Autumn Leaves trophy for falling off the most and the poor old Teneree took a bit of a beating. We will certainly be doing this sort of activity again so keep your ears posted if you are interested. Benny might even post some pics.

Next Committee Meeting We really encourage all finacial members to come to our committee meeting/social gathering to help us push the club forward with ideas and help. The next club meeting is Tuesday 4th July at the Totness Hotel mount Pleasant 8.00 Start…get there at 7.00 if you want a meal….Tuesday special is Schnitzel.

Club Calendar I Will leave this section up to Benny To successfully do the newsletters we need an email address for everyone. Please fill out the email address form below and email it to with you name and address etc. That way you will get continuous updates on anything that is going on in the club. Well that’s it for this newsletter, I hope you all keep your bike shiny side up, keep grinnin’, and keep yer front wheel up! Thanks all…………. the committee


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Thanks to all those who have taken on positions, remained in positions & those who have stepped down.  Alot of support has been shown towards the success of this club.

There will be a ride day on Sat11th June from 1pmm onwards & Sunday 12th June 10am onwards. The days are primarily to fine tune the running of 'Battle of Borthwicks" but all are welcome to come out for a ride.

April meeting

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Our Fundraising with the chocolates & Bunnings sausage sizzle has been extremely succesfull to get the club started on the right footing for the season. Thanks to everyone who who has donated their time & effort & I would especially like to thank Benny who made it all possible.

Next ride day at Borthwicks will be 10-4pm with the first hour being a working bee as last time to fix a few more jumps to ensure safety of all riders. Please bring a shovel with your bike! Lee is willing to hold coaching sessions as required on the day.

The AGM has been set for June 7th 2016 at the Totnes Hotel Starting time will be 7.30pm( 6.30pm for tea)

Planning for the "Battle of Borthwicks " is underway, so keep 18/19th June free. It will be a social ride on Saturday with a family sleep over, then the battle on Sunday. Stay tuned.

March 2016

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The new calandar is now posted. Keep checking as we may add new ride days or change dates .

FEES NOW DUE . Remember you cannot ride without current membership.

Working bee will still be on (March 6th) this weekend regardless of temperature. Please bring along a shovel & pick to help . 10am-

Hopefully be able to ride in afternoon.(decision on weather & risks will be made on the day)

For all those helping with the sausage sizzle on march 13th, see Benny if you don't have the roster. It is still open to anyone to turn up & lend a hand if you have free time.

February meeting 2016

Posted by Ben on February 2, 2016 at 6:35 PM Comments comments ()

It was great to see so many enthusiastic members at our first meeting of the year.

It was decided that the ride day calandar will be organised  next meeting, giving members a chance to bring in their calandars from other events to prevent clashes as much as possible. Also  it will give us a chance to go along & support these other disiplines.

The track is looking good, but just needs the top taken off a few of the steep jumps. Working bee / ride day will be held 6th March. Bring along a shovel & hopefully with enough people, it should only take 1 hour & the rest of the day will be for riding.

Ben has organised a much needed fundraising event. Mount Barker Bunnings sausage sizzle 13th March.  If you are interested & haven't let Ben know yet, please do or let me know & I will pass on the information. we need a minimum of 3 people at any given time. Bunnings stipulate that no children under 15yrs can work the stall.

We still have some boxes of chocolates to sell. $60 a box upfront. (still taste good. exp. May)

Fees for the year are now due.


meeting 2016

Posted by Ben on January 28, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments ()

welcome to a new year . Lets make it a safe, fun & challenging time . The more people who put up their hands to help, the more events can be held.

2nd February 2016

Totness Hotel, Mt. Pleasant

8pm ( 7pm if you want to come for a meal first. $14.00 cheap snittys!)

We will be planning ride days & events, so come & have your say. All welcome

November meeting 2015

Posted by Ben on November 5, 2015 at 1:10 AM Comments comments ()

This was our last meeting for the year, as well as there are no further events for the year due to a dry track & fireban restrictions. Thanks to everyone & their involvement in the club. Hopefully you've all had a good year & hope to see you next year.

As Ben has let you all know, our chocolate fundraiser has been a good sucess, but to finish on a high note we still  need to sell the last few boxes. Please see Ben or Lee if you can help. This is especially a plea to those who have not yet sold a box. remember this is your club.

Our first meeting next year will be February 2nd 2016, at Tottness Hotel. 7pm if you want to join us for a meal first. The calandar will be decided at this meeting.

At this stage, Battle of Borthwick will be held on 18th/19th June 2016. This will be a pre-registration event.. More information later.

This web site is changing slightly for the better hopefully and next year membership forms can be accessed from this site & payments made by direct debit.

Hope you all have a very merry & safe Christmas, & look forward to seeing you all in 2016.