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WORKING BEE 13th June 2015

Posted by Ben on June 3, 2015 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

We will be holding a working bee at our track on Saturday 13th June 2015. We will have a tractor & a backhoe working, so people are welcome to come & help. Bring shovels & rakes. The toilet will be erected, & then mainly track work, removing rocks & building up the jumps. Hope to see you there 8.30am.

June 14th ride day ACUSA PARK

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We will be all meeting at ACUSA Park for a ride day on 14th June. Get there for 9am scrutineering, to start riding at 10am. Look for our quickshades set up with the club banner, hopefully by 8.30am

This is a public ride day & entry costs $45.00 (includes medical levy), Family discount $75.00 (I Adult, 2 children, extra children $10 each) All riders must be licensed, one day licences can be purchased $10adults/$7.50 kids under 16

directions- Proceed through Nairne to Harrogate turnoff then follow blue 'ACUSA PARK ' signs to Millitary Road crossing, turn right & continue. Take the left fork to leave Millitary road following "ACUSA PARK' signs to the 3 flagpoles at the main gate then follow direction signs to rear entrance.

May ride day

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The next ride day, May 16/17th is a camp-out at Borthwicks. Officials will be present from 1.30pm onwards on Saturday. Any fire wood would be greatly appreciated. Bring your bikes, swags, food & drinks for an enjoyable weekend.

march club meeting

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A draft of the 2015 calendar was proposed at the meeting. ( see calendar page) if anyone knows of any dates that clash, or other issues, please let us know.

We are also looking into the idea of putting the club onto Facebook. Again if anyone has any thoughts on this , please speak up.

3 members obtained their officials licence in the last month. A hugh thankyou, as this will relieve the pressure on the few officials already.

Anyone interested in a social calendar. If so, possible dates & venues, remember this is your club, & you get a say in it.

Next meeting 7th April 2015, Totness Hotel 8pm ( 7.30pm if having a meal first )

2015 meeting

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Hi to all,


Hope your holidays have been refreshing & you are ready for another good year of fun, falls, mud, laughs & friendships with the Adelaide Hills motorcycle club.

Just a quick reminder to let you know our season of riding will commence shortly, but before this happens we need meetings to organise people & events.

Totness Hotel ( Mount Pleasant)

February 3rd

 7.30pm (7pm if coming for meal)

REMEMBER:  without a committee we have no club

Working Bee 24th August

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We will be having a working bee at the Borthwick track on Sunday 24th August 2014.  Our track got  a good work out, and needs a little attention before we can ride again. Please bring shovels and rakes to fill in holes. Time will be 10am - 1pm. Juniors and their parents are also encouraged to attend, as they are part of the club.

The next ride day / sleep over 20/21st September will depend on the results of the working bee & track condition. We will advise after our September 2nd meeting.

Battle of Borthwick day

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A very successful day with a good turn out, although challenging due to the recent rains and a very muddy track.  Thanks to Lee & Malcolm for organising & running the day, & to all other helpers involved.  The track is now in need of repair & hopefully will be good with 7 weeks rest.!!

juniors results 1st  Lachlan Lane

Adults open    1st       Brendan Roberts / Kyle Porteous

                       2nd      Steve Pontin / James Doddrel

                      3rd        Luke Sweetman / Liam McDonald


Ironman        1st         Jamie Banks


Check out the photos!

Battle of Borthwicks

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August 3rd 2014


Sign- on : by 9.30am

Ride begins : 10am – 11.30 am

Cost: $20.00 per team

Ironman or team event

Age: up to 15 years



Sign-on: by 11am

Ride begins: 12pm – 3pm

Cost: $50.00 per team

Age: 16 years and over

Teams of two or more

Limited to 40 teams, register on the day.




24 hour

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A huge thanks to all involved in the help & support for our check point at the 24 hour enduro.  Everything ran smoothly, including the team building exercise of moving a bogged van before the event even started!!

The weather was kind (very little rain during the event) although a little icy at 5am.( Forecasts had predicted the night to be South Australia’s coldest for two years) The track was very boggy, and claimed many riders. An unusual experience for even seasoned riders was to have creeks flowing full time, huge water crossings and hillsides that became skating rinks

Starting were 25 Open Sidecar, 102 Open Solo and 19 Rally (one being sidecar), tackling the 190km course over 4 laps, over the 24 hours.

Only 6 Sidecars, 56 Solo and 10 Rally riders to finish the event, showing just how tough and unforgiving the 24 Hour is. 

Thanks again, the riders would not be able to compete if not for people running check points.

 check out the great photos by Jay !


2014 24hour enduro

Posted by Ben on July 2, 2014 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (0)

we are managing the first gate this year. It is always a good night for all, so come & help or just to socialise.  Gate 1 is just out of Kapunda. 12th- 13th July. first bikes expected in 11.23 am Saturday