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1. The first rule we will call NOTE A as it is the only control we have over club members who disobey the rules.

NOTE A States that any club member who disobeys any of the rules will immediately be suspended from the club and therefore surrender any rights to use the track.  We know this sounds severe, but your actions can affect the future of all club members.

2.  The tracks and property are to be used by current financial members of the AHMC who hold current applicable licences.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

 3.  When the track is being used there must be a level 2 official present at all times.  The responsible person has the right to make decisions regarding members safety and conduc,t to ensure a fair and safe environment for riders and spectators alike.

 4.  The applicable fees must be payed and all forms are to be filled out before you are to ride.

 5.  No dogs or pets allowed on the property.

 6.   Strictly no alcohol is to be consumed if you are riding.

 7.  Members must keep to the marked tracks at all times.  The property is a functioning farm.  No joy riding around unmarked areas.

 8.  No riding of motorcycles on the marked roadways unless for transport purposes.

 9.  No riding in waterways unless it is part of a marked track.   We do not wish to initiate any erosion problems.

 10.  Due care is to be taken when crossing any waterway.  No spinning of wheels please.

 11.  No making holes or ruts by spinning the rear wheels of the motorcycles anywhere.  We must endeavour to look after the facility.

 12.  The toilet is  for everyone, and not just for the same few to keep clean

13.  No litter or any rubbish of any kind is to be left behind.  If you bring it with you then you must take it away with you.

 14.  All children are to be accompanied by a responsible adult.  This means that if you bring children you must be responsible for their actions.

 15.  Children on mini bikes under 60cc or learners must keep to the kids track near the house, this is for their safety.

 16.  Normal direction of the seniors track is clockwise and the junior track is anti-clockwise.  This however can be altered at the commencement of any session by asking other riders if they wish to change direction.

 17.  Motorcycles must be deemed to be safe by the official person on the day ,before they can be ridden.

 18. Motorcycles must be ridden at a walking pace when commuting between track and car park.

 19.  Please use appropriate hand signals when leaving the track so other riders are aware of your intentions.

 20.  Please enter and exit the track from the appropriate exits.

 21.  Do not ride near sheep at any time.

 22.  Make sure you leave gates as they were after you go through them.

 23.  Care and common sense must be used when driving cars on roadways.

 24.  No damaging trees or structures of any kind.

 25.  No altering tracks in any manner without consulting the committee.

 26.  Helmets and safety gear must be worn at all times.

 27.  Riders must ride with discretion.  This is a practice track so no racing is allowed.  Please keep this    in   mind if you are a faster rider approaching a slower rider from behind.  Please use common sense.

 28.  No unathorised riders are to use the track at any time.  If you bring guests(and they are welcome)   then you are responsible for their behaviour.

 Most of the rules are basic common sense so they should be easy to remember.  We have to do the right thing to keep this facility accessible for our members in the future.  The committee has put a lot of effort into getting this facility and members have put in a huge effort into building the track so please treat the property with the utmost consideration.  The land owner and his family reserve the right to ask any person to leave at any time, please respect this.  We will be doing spot checks on the track on a regular basis so please do not abuse your privileges.(SEE NOTE A)




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